From Ruins band logo consisting of a stylised letter 'F' and letter 'R'.


From Ruins are the epitome of a modern metal band. Formed in the spring of 2023, the Northern Ireland-based outfit are determined to plant their flag on the musical map and establish a reputation for soaring vocals, gripping melodies and hard-hitting riffs.

With the release of their debut single, ‘Running Away‘, follow-up ‘Hate Me‘ and first EP, ‘Inner Demons‘, firmly under their belts the quintet – Neil Anderson (guitar), Damon Doherty (bass), Aaron Kirby (guitar), Niall O’Kane (vocals) and David Patton (drums) – now turn their attention to future releases and taking their music live in 2024 and beyond. Watch this space.

Neil Anderson – Guitar

Damon Doherty – Bass

Aaron Kirby – Guitar

Niall O’Kane – Vocals

David Patton – Drums